Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mike Knows About Kicking Walls

There's a special place just located just about at the very center of Venice;
it's midway between the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

You've seen it.

I'm certain that you have seen this place - you might not realize it,
but unless you're blind or only read old books with no pictures in them, somewhere along the way you've seen a photo taken from this spot.
All the tourism and advertising people love it. 
A certain Venice-themed casino had it prominent in their material for a while.
I've posted several photos of gondolas taken at "that spot".

I'm used to seeing photos taken from the side of the canal there,
but last year at about this time, some of our friends from Gondola Getaway were standing on a bridge overlooking the spot.
Mike O'Toole gives a great running commentary of the goings on in the canal there, including the rarely mentioned kick off the wall of the port side - it's something we all do, but you won't see many good examples of it in photos or video.

The video can also be seen at

Towards the end Mike also speaks a truth
that we all know but are hesitant to tell.

Nice clip of video, with spot-on commentary.

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