Monday, May 20, 2013

Vogalonga Video

As many of you already know, this past weekend Venice played host to thousands of people who came from all over to row, paddle, and in many other ways - navigate their way through the lagoon for the 39th Annual Vogalonga.  Nereo Zane was one of the crew rowing a unique boat known as a Batea a coa de Gambaro from the docks of the GSVVM.
Watch his video and see what it was like this year in the lagoon.
"Vogalonga 2013"


Tamás said...

This years' Vogalonga was apparently sponsored by Goretex...

Gondola Greg said...

Yes, it sure looks like it.
But back in 2009 I think it was sponsored by a company who insures boat owners for major damage or loss.