Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Contessa's" First Cruise

photos by Isabella Mohr

On the eve of Valentine's Day, we had all sorts of gondola traffic, and like most years, I spent February 13th running around doing everything but rowing a boat.
There were plenty of stressful times, but we also had a christening and lots of laughs as gondoliers who hadn't seen each other in a while re-connected.
My twelve-year-old daughter grabbed my camera and managed to snap some nice shots of the newly christened pupparin leaving the lagoon; this was her first passenger cruise in Newport, and Simon was looking good on the back.

 The couple snaps a photo of their own.

 The newly christened "Contessa" heads off to make memories
for her first pair of passengers.

 Bob makes an adjustment to the forcola while his couple
takes in the beauty of the evening.

The "Contessa" and the "Phoenix" take off to chase the sun.

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