Monday, March 31, 2008

Restaurant in ????

A while ago, Nereo Zane stumped me with these images. He sent them in an e-mail entitled “Central Park? Boston? Las Vegas?”

It turned out to be a restaurant and banquet facility in Monastier called “Ristorante dei Contorni".

He’d taken them in late December of 2004 while visiting the place; it’s just a bit north from Venice in Treviso.

They have two gondolas, which float comfortably on their own little lake, some interesting structures that incorporate striped poles, and a very dramatic bridge. I imagine the bridge must be difficult to climb for brides in wedding dresses, but I'm guessing it's got a great view.

Good job Nereo - you really got me with this one.

Check out Ristorante dei Contorni’s website at:

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