Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hats and moustaches

Boy, what a surprise it was last night when I pulled up to the Villa Nova docks to pick up my passengers...and they all came out wearing gondoliers hats and moustaches. These were of the party supply store variety, of course, but they sure made a spectacle for all of the dining room guests to laugh and carry on about.
Six passengers in a Venetian gondola requires a gondolier to work a bit harder in balancing and such, but when they come on board hooting and hollering, wearing hats and moustaches...well, that's different. Let's just say that next year at this time, I probably won't remember my other cruises from last night, but the memories of this one will still be fresh.

This group was a blast to have on the boat, and I wouldn't trade the experience if I could.
I would, however, prefer to not wear one of those moustaches - they had prongs that clipped inside your nose! Ughhh!

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