Thursday, August 16, 2007

The support team

Here’s a look at some of the expedition’s great support staff:

NEREO ZANE -Photographer, translator, and planning liaison
Nereo was born and raised in Venice, Italy. He is the host of where a great amount of information on Venetian rowing can be found. Nereo is also currently building the Italian-language blog for this expedition. His business is computer based but his passion is photography. He is publishing a book of photos entitled "Leoni & Gondole" which focuses on the "Lion of St. Mark" and gondolas - both are considered symbols of Venice.
This expedition would not be happening if not for the efforts of Nereo. He has spent great time and effort coordinating between the two groups on either side of the Atlantic. His work in translation, coordinating, and his enthusiasm have been invaluable to this expedition.

MARTINA ZANE – Translator
Martina has served as an official translator for both Gondola Adventures™, Inc. and the Gondola Society of America. She is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish. Her language skills will be helpful in relaying information between team members and answering press inquiries.

ELISA MOHR – Travel agent, press liaison, driver
Elisa is a travel agent and handles the lodging arrangements for the team while travelling down the Hudson. Drawing from her successes in running Gondola Adventures™, Inc. (see she serves as the press liaison, writing the daily press releases during the trip and answering any questions that come from news sources. Overall, Elisa is our on-shore problem solver. One of her favorite phrases is, “There are no problems; only solutions.”
On a personal note, Elisa is my wife of 14 years, and ultimately capable of accomplishing anything she sets out to do. She is amazing. There is nobody I would rather have on-shore and watching over us than Elisa. She is a blessing in my life every day.

MIKE NOVACK - Gondola owner and operator - New Jersey and Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Mike serves as the Vice President to the Gondola Society of America. He has a remarkable enthusiasm for gondolas and the GSA. His regular duties include producing the GSA newsletter, and making sure various inquiries are relayed properly. Mike’s knowledge of the city and his contacts throughout the area make him our “go-to guy” in Manhattan. Mike’s website is

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