Friday, August 11, 2017

Thar She Blows!

On Tuesday, August 8th, there was an eye-catching report
of a "baby Gray Whale in Dana Point harbor".
"How cool is that!" I said.
"I wish that happened in Newport".
Two days later, it did.
One of my gondoliers, Jack Maskrey texted me a video of that same whale...gliding beneath one of our gondolas at dock.
Here's a clip that was put together using that footage:
video by Jay Morris
There it was - a Gray Whale in Newport Harbor.
Later that day, the passengers on one of our gondolas
shot this while cruising:

We often get calls from people looking for whale-watching cruises.
For a limited time in Newport, we were actually providing it!

For more details and some good photos,
check out this article in the Orange County Register:

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