Saturday, July 1, 2017

Two Guys Go to Tahoe

photos by Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera and Kyle Wolting of The Gondola Company of Newport
decided to drop in on Drew Ste. Marie at his servizio on the
blue waters of Lake Tahoe today.
They sent me some photos, which have left me profoundly jealous.
In the above photo, we see Kyle rowing on the Venice-built gondola
known as "Giallo".
Eddie snapped the photo while rowing "Theresa".
Both gondoliers were heading out of the jetty at the Tahoe Keys Marina.
And here we see Eddie at the dock with signage and boats in the background.
 At one time this gondola was painted yellow, and in serious disrepair,
until a friend of mine worked his magic and brought her back to life. 
The passengers seem happy too.
And here they are:
Kyle on the left, Eddie on the right, and Drew in the middle.

To learn more about the Lake Tahoe gondola operation, check out

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