Saturday, April 20, 2013

Serious Carvings

photo by Kathleen Gonzalez
Most of the gondolas in Venice are on display in the water.
Most of them.
Now and then, however, you might run into a stunning crescent-shaped boat out of the water.
Kathleen came across this remarkable gondola and had to snap a couple shots.
Yes, carved decks on gondolas are rare, but there are still plenty of them to be found if you look.  This boat has carving work unlike any I've seen on a gondola.
I really don't even know whether or not to call her a "wedding gondola".
I do know that I'm very impressed with this carving work...
and I don't envy anyone who might ever have to sand and paint such an intricate field.

I'm also glad that Kathleen grabbed a photo of the felze on this gondola.
I wonder when this boat was last on the water.


staff said...

Nice boat indeed. Where did Kathleen take the photo? Nereo

Tamás said...

The old gondola is located within the internal courtyard of the Ducal Palace in Venezia.

I saw her and took photos and videos during the Salute event in 2011 November.

Anonymous said...

This is Kathleen. Tamas was correct--I took this photo in January when we visited the Ducal Palace in order to do the Secret Itinerary tour.