Sunday, January 20, 2008

One-armed rowing

I chose this photo for a reason: two days ago I managed to do some major damage to one of the fingers on my right hand. Fortunately I'm left-handed, but this has been an eye-opener. Initially I was worried that I might lose feeling in that finger, but I'm happy to report that all the nerves are still there - and working! I've got more feeling in that finger than I've ever had there before! Since the injury, I've been doing everything with one hand, so I thought it fitting to post up a photo of a gondolier rowing with one arm. I am pretty sure he didn't injure himself, but you never know.
I shot this from the Rialto Bridge (yes, I know, "how touristy").
I especially like the gondolier's carpet; it's a bold pattern but fitting on a gondola.
Here's hoping my finger heals, so I can type better - It took me forever just to type this!

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